Matthew 24:14 Fulfilled Soon given Feb 7, 2016

Summary: Matthew 24:14 is about the gospel (good news of life in Christ) being preached to the entire inhabited world as a testimony to the nations, and when that is accomplished “the end will come”. The Lord’s commentary on this may surprise you. Read it here.

Context: After a long session one evening with the Lord I was startled by his response to a question I had asked after He had prompted me to read Matthew 24.  As I read the familiar verse 14 I asked out loud “When Lord?” I was stunned when his reply was “Within the decade…”. Wow! There’s a quite a bit more to what He shared…

An Emptied Nation Yet With a Remnant given Sep 1, 2015

Summary: In this brief revelation of the magnitude of the future destruction of America the Lord used the foretold fate of Israel by the prophet Isaiah. That prophecy is very interesting and you can read about it in Isaiah 1-8. The idea that the nation will be similarly emptied and untended is incredible but likely in our future. Read it here.

Context: I reviewed several things from the Lord over the past year (since Sep 2014). In my thoughts: Thank you Lord for all the encouragement and instruction. Praying for some brothers on my list and for family (some personal items in this time with Him). It is this time I often graze on the scripture, waiting on the Lord and often I get prompted to go to something specific. This was such a day and what He told me was staggering and important.

Refining of individuals and nations given Aug 26, 2015

Summary: Often when the Lord needs to teach people or entire nations humility, dependence upon and obedience to Him, he allows very difficult times to come upon them, to “refine” them, often with an outpouring of His Holy Spirit as a convicting, cleansing, motivating kind of “fire”. There are many examples of this in scripture and in history. Read it here.

Context: From my journal notes for the day with slight edits. I spent about 2 hours in the following reading, studying, meditating and waiting on the Lord. It is out of scriptural text order because I spent that time going back and forth over various chapters and verses of the word, picking up concepts and gaining deeper understanding along the way. It was a fun morning.

America and the Pattern of Nations given Jun 6, 2015

Summary: America is following the pattern of nations as explained by the Lord. Individuals may still repent and seek Him but it is too late for America. A cleansing, redemptive fire from the Lord will occur. Read it here.

The Lord spoke to me the morning of Sat, June 6, 2015. I had completed reading the books of Joshua and Judges and was struck by the centuries of conquest, rebellion, idolatry, repentance and deliverance, only to have the cycle repeat again and again. His message was the answer to a question I had asked.

Warning of America’s Destruction given Aug 29, 2014

Summary: America will indeed be destroyed but a remnant who is known to the Lord will remain and serve Him.

The Lord spoke to me the morning of Fri, August 29, 2014, probably about 10:30AM. What follows is a transcript of what He said, taken from my journal notes and recollection. (It is made available to the public now as events are rapidly unfolding.) Read it here.

I often read the scriptures and evaluate them as patterns for the current situation, looking at the literal text and substituting places and events that are of today or of recent history into the narrative. I try to be very careful in doing this but the Lord has in the past taught me how to think about current times as He thinks, from His Word and by this approach.